The Week's Report: April 6, 2014

In Headlines This Week:
-"Dear Harvard, You Win" and Harvard's response to sexual assault.
-Battle for Yardfest
-NBC's Kelly O'Donnell at the IOP
-HCBN Interviews the UC
-Identities Fashion Show 2014 takes the stage

HCBN Interviews the UC

Reporter Ingrid Y. Li '17 interviews the Undergraduate Council President and Vice President Gus Mayopoulos '15 and Sietse Goffard '15 on their quest to receive more student funding from the college.

HCBN Interviews NBC's Kelly O'Donnell

After making an appearance at an IOP study group, HCBN reporter Ingrid Y. Li '17 sat down with Kelly O'Donnell to discuss her experiences as a female journalist.